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A transit plan for Pinellas County is gaining momentum. Congress member Kathy Castor endorsed the Yes to Greenlight initiative during a media conference in St. Petersburg.
Whistleblower Edward Snowden is seeking to extend his stay in Russia.
A Texan rancher has set up a border water station to help Central American migrants survive the journey across the Mexican-US border.


In A World is an inside look at the movie business, with a feminist bent.

A sick day guide to Netflix

After five days home sick, I am finally emerging from my head cold haze. As per tradition, I spent most of my downtime watching TV and movies. When I was a kid, I contented myself with VHS copies of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory or Anne of Green Gables. Now I have Netflix. Despite its […]

Turns out the City of Brotherly Love is quite lovely

Love in the City of Brotherly Love

Turns out the City of Brotherly Love is quite lovely. T and I spent Canadian Thanksgiving in Philadelphia for a wedding. Here are some highlights from our weekend. Loading Within 5 minutes of arriving in Phillie, first sighting of Rocky merch. #rocky #Philadelphia #phl View on Instagram Loading The chalk welcome wall at our AirBnB […]

A look inside my Gwynnie Bee closet.

Shopping habit: My 3 fave new e-commerce sites

As I previously documented, I have developed a shopping habit since moving to Florida. Compared to Canada, buying clothes, cosmetics and media is much more convenient. So far, I have become hooked on a number of subscription services. Here’s what I have tried out so far: Gwynnie Dee Bee, a subscription-based clothes service. It’s like Birchbox […]