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Whistleblower Edward Snowden is seeking to extend his stay in Russia.
A Texan rancher has set up a border water station to help Central American migrants survive the journey across the Mexican-US border.
Thumbnail from Global Halifax newscast. As written by Gwyneth Dunsford.
Tattoo artist Megan Massacre visits Global Halifax. Interviewed prepared by Gwyneth Dunsford.
Munika Mohammed and her son Muhaison at Tamale's newest family planning clinic. Photo by Gwyneth Dunsford.


Tory Burch makes these delightful and expensive makeup bags.

I want to buy all the things

God help us all; I just found out about┬áNordstorm Rack. As I wrote earlier this week, I trying to reconcile myself with Floridian narcissism. Up until now, I have taken Kreayshawn’s approach to designer clothes: Basic b**ches wear that shit, so I don’t even bother. Before Kreayshawn voiced this solid credence, my approach to fashion […]

Instagram collages show the prominence of selfie pictures in Miami Beach, Florida.

Vanity; thy name is Miami

When you move across the continent a little culture shock is to be expected. But my experience in Miami was more than I could have anticipated. Let me explain: When you move to a seemingly familiar place, you expect it to be the same. A Canadian moving to the United States doesn’t need to learn […]


I’m a writer

I can finally say it with confidence. After one and a half years with “writer” in my job title. After two undergraduate degrees. And now, thanks to the web services of Robyn Larsen, I have a corner of the Internet to call my own. I am aiming to write everyday. This may seem ambitious, but […]